Behind the scenes, my proprietary approach blends social psychology, advanced analytics, a specialized approach to content development, and web development. What clients love is that they don't deal with any of that. They just get to meet more people who are already interested in working with them.

By using my solutions you can spend less time on the frustrating and time consuming parts of prospecting, while you have more time to build relationships with their clients and families.

Let me tell you the story of how this all came together...

Over the last 15 years, I've worked exclusively in financial services. That time was primarily as a portfolio manager for high net worth individuals at U.S. Trust and a software architect for a retirement planning application that was sold to Goldman Sachs.

When I left my role in the product strategy team for the retirement planning app, I didn't plan to help anyone find their ideal clients. I had been building my expertise in analytics and expected to use that for clients in the finance industry. ‚Äč

But as I started to talk and work directly with the entrepreneurs and independent financial professionals, I saw time and again that they needed help with customer acquisition.

They knew there was a better way to use technology to grow, but most of their efforts had slowed them down. So they had stopped trying or thrown out a majority of their solutions. They were all stuck on issues that I knew how to solve. The solutions weren't easy, but I knew how to make it work.

I started to work on end-to-end managed solutions that delivered results and reported on them instead of offering services to setup more complicated tools.